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What do we mean when we say developing students on a deeper level?

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We havent always competed with AUVs, find out how we got here

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This year we are competing at RoboSub as well as a new competition at TAU


Developing students on a deeper level

The motto and goal of the organization is for students to be able to use the things they learn in class to create something tangible, and a product they can be proud of. This gives them valuable tools and experience that they can bring with themselves when applying for internships and jobs. The close contact with relevant companies helps facilitate this. Many of our members get relevant internships, and jobs, based on their participation in Vortex.



Vortex NTNU originally competed in the MATE ROV competition. This competition focused on giving the organizations practical tasks that it had to solve using their own ROVs. In 2019 it was decided to shift focus from ROVs to AUVs, and the organization would now compete in the RoboSub competition. This is a competition held in San Diego, California, that brings in student organizations from universities across the world. The competition usually has different tasks with differing difficulty that can be solved to acquire points. These wary from simply passing through a gate, to shooting targets with torpedos. There are also points given for the marketing of the drone done by the team. Vortex NTNU has only competed once in person, as the Covid19 pandemic made it impossible to compete in 2020. The sights are now hopefully on competing in 2021 with a brand new drone.



Vortex NTNU was founded in 2015, and competed in its first competition in 2016 at the NASA Neutral Buoyancy Lab. The team had worked very hard up to this, and were very pleased with ending up with a ranking of 16 overall with Maelstrom. In 2017 the team focused on trying to DIY the drone more, creating their own PCBs and thrusters, the result was Terrapin. In 2018 it was again decided to create a new drone, Manta. This drone got great remarks for its sleek design. The organisation decided to change from making ROVs to AUVs, and Manta was converted to an AUV, and this is still the main focus.  

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