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Our Profile

Developing students on a deeper level

We are a student-led volunteer organization that enable students at NTNU to develop themselves both as engineers and team members. This is possible by designing and building both the hardware and software of our own autonomous underwater/surface vehicles (AUV/ASV) and remotely operated vessels (ROV) which we then compete with nationally and internationally.

Our Vision

As fun as it is to build drones and use them for competitive purposes, we wish to develop students on a deeper level. 


Students will finally get the ability to put theory into practice at Vortex, which in return gives a great introduction to both team work and applied engineering.

Established in 2015

Been in the game for over 8 years. We have since then made five drones; aiming for six by the end of 2024! Click through our projects.


TAC 2021

From TAC Challenge 2021

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