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Technical Reports

Freya, NJORD 2024

[ ... ] , TAC Challenge 2024 

Freya, NJORD 2023 

Beluga, TAC Challenge 2023 

Beluga, Robosub 2022

Beluga, Robosub 2021


Manta, Robosub 2020

Manta, RoboSub 2019

Manta, Mate ROV 2018

Terrapin, Mate ROV 2017

Maelstrom, Mate ROV 2016

From RoboSub 2022

Robosub 2022 (Beluga)

In 2022 we will finally be competing in USA again! View our strategy video for RoboSub 2022 below.

Robosub 2021 (Beluga)

RoboSub 2021, as in 2020, was held digitally. The participating teams submitted a technical report, and a skill video outlining one or two of the technical topics Hull Design, Power Management, Propulsion System or Sensor Optimization. Vortex NTNU submitted videos about Hull Design and Sensor Optimization for the competing AUV.

Hull design

Concept Reports

Concept review Team 23/24

Sensor Optimization

Robosub 2020 (Manta)

Due to Corona restrictions, this year's RoboSub was held digitally, where the teams submitted a technical report, and a skill video.

View Vortex NTNU's skill video of Manta below!

View the video below!

Robosub 2019 (Manta)

2019 was the first time Vortex NTNU competed in RoboSub. Manta had previously competed in the MATE ROV competition as an ROV, but in 2019 it was converted to an AUV.

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