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Ocean Water

Developing students on a deeper level.

We are recruiting!

The winter supplementation recruitment has started. 


Who are we?

Vortex NTNU is a student organization created with the purpose of building autonomous underwater vessels capable of both observation and manipulation. As of 2021 we are also developing autonomous surface drones (ASV).


The organization is composed of over 50 students from over 20 different study programs at NTNU in Trondheim. Working together as a team, we strive to create the future of engineers; opening doors for students in the fascinating maritime industry.

Abstract Background

Meet the Team

Vortex has been around since 2015, and we have since grown to over 50 members!


See our Drones

Check out our drones here, or follow our progress and journey on LinkedIn and Instagram



Our organization competes both nationally and internationally in exciting competitions for students

Latest posts and news

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