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Beluga was created in 2021 and is the newest addition to the roster. It is the first underwater drone we've developed with fully autonomous behaviour in mind.

Beluga competed in RoboSub 2021 which that year was held digitally due to Corona restrictions. Beluga also attended TAC Challenge in Stavanger the same year, which lead to a second place.

In 2022 Vortex NTNU wanted to continue developing Beluga to compete in its first physical RoboSub competition. The journey of making Beluga fully autonomous continued in terms of object detection and location estimation of both the drone and other objects, in addition to improving its physical design and designing a power supply solution to implement on the drone.

Equipping it with a new el-house, a new actuator system, a Gemini Imaging Sonar, and an improved shell design, in addition to the software development, Beluga Mk2 was ready to compete in RoboSub and TAC Challenge the summer of 2022.

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