Team 2020

The 2020 team consisted of 6 different groups with different areas of expertise. These are marketing, electrical, mechanical, perception, control and the board. We do however like to change things around, and many tasks are also solved in taskforces consisting of members from different groups. Below you can read more about each individual group of the 2020 team.

The Board

The Board is responsible for coordinating the project and securing a sustainable development of the organization. Their involvement ensures close cooperation between the respective group leaders, and the team’s overall progression, budget and wellbeing.


Vegard Haraldstad



Kristian Auestad



Ole Jacob Brunstad


Magnus Selle


Kevin K. Varughese


Sarah Sayeed Qureshi


Øyvind Denvik


Børge Pahlm

Kristian Auestad

Head of Control


The Control group is responsible for implementing the software used to control the AUV. The software makes the AUV able to solve the tasks presented. To do this they are working with for example path and mission planning, machine learning and state estimation.

Michael Hoyer

Aksel Kristoffersen

Ola Alstad

Kristoffer Rakstad Solberg

Kevin K. Varughese

Head of Perception


The Perception group’s is responsible for implementing the sensory of the AUV. On a daily basis they are working with computer vision, SLAM and Sensor Interfacing. This year they are especially focusing on acoustics, so the AUV can improve its underwater communication. The group members gain valuable experience in how the AUV perceives its environment and uses the information for decision-making.

Silje Susort

Computer Vision

Halvor Bjørstad

Sensor Interfacing

Wai-Yen Chen

Computer Vision

Henrik Grüner


Ambjørn Grimsrud Waldum


Ole Jacob Brunstad

Head of mechanical

Hardware - Mechanical

The Hardware - Mechanics groups main responsibilities include 3D modeling in CAD, and developing the AUVs physical parts. In addition, they also work on replicating equipment and parts which are used in the RoboSub competition so that the AUVs abilities can be tested, as it will in the competition. Essentially, they combine fluid statics with bright solutions to develop a stable and safe underwater vehicle which will (hopefully) perform to the best of its abilities.

Truls Munch-Ellingsen

Nabil Harchaouen

Endre K. Volle

Børge Pahlm

Head of electro

Hardware - Electro

The Hardware - Electronics group is responsible for all the electronics on the AUV and thereby they work with PCB and circuit design, in addition to choosing the electronical components needed for the AUV to function as desired. They are also in charge for a functioning camera system and developing well-working power supply solution. Last but not least, they also work with signal processing and acoustics.

Alexander Thoresen

Øystein Solbø

Seyed M. Husseini

Sarah Sayeed Qureshi

Head of Marketing


The marketing group is responsible for promoting Vortex NTNU through different channels. Their main goal is to increase the interest in the organization among students and businesses. They are also responsible for events, website and working towards sponsors.

Mia Berge

Promotion responsible

Shobiha Premkumar

Web Developer