Team 2017

Team 2017 of Vortex NTNU consists of 18 students from seven different engineering disciplines across all years of study. We have learned a lot from last year's MATE-competition, and this year we will perform even better!

The Board

The Board is responsible for coordinating the project and securing a sustainable development of the organization. Their involvement ensures close cooperation between the respective group leaders, and the team’s overall progression, budget and wellbeing.


Peter Aaser

Project Manager


Sverre Spetalen

Head of Marketing


Karl Ylvisaker

Chief Electronics


Arne Bui

Deputy Project Manager


Morten Fyhn Amundsen

Chief Control


Dong Zhang

Head of Finance


Kristian Bortne

Chief Mechanical

Sverre Spetalen

Head of Marketing


The Marketing group is responsible for the overall branding and profiling of the organization. This includes organizing the website, social media, stands, events, sponsors, media outreach, as well as outlining the market display and product presentation for the actual contest.

Eivind Salvesen

Sponsorship Manager

Erik Dymbe

Web & Graphics

Morten Fyhn Amundsen

Chief Control

Ingrid Fjordheim Onstein


Sindre Hansen

HW Interface

Vegard Kamsvåg



The Control System group is responsible for developing software that makes it possible for the pilot to control the ROV in an easy, predictable, and reliable way. The responsibilities of the team include essentially all software between the inputs of the pilot, the data gathered by the sensors, and the outputs to the thrusters and manipulator arm.

Karl Ylvisaker

Chief Electronics

Simon L'orange


Lars Haugseng Andersen


Aksel Sætre Lenes



The Electronics group is responsible for the mapping and packaging of the entire electronic system from scratch. The work range from designing custom PCBs to assembling the finished hardware system. This includes optimizing the solutions, as well as troubleshooting it all when it does not work.

Kristian Bortne

Chief Mechanical

Petter Hoem Sletsjøe

Frame & Enclosure

Vegard Slettahjell Skjefstad


Greatania Juardi



The Mechanical group is responsible for developing a waterproof ROV frame construction. This includes 3D modeling, CFD, coordination of manufacturing, designing thrusters, customizing buoyancy elements, as well as integrating the thrusters and cameras to the overall design. The work also includes development of a capable manipulator arm, which is a critical part of the ROV - allowing us to complete the challenging tasks assigned in the competition.