The Board

The Board is responsible for coordinating the project and securing a sustainable development of the organization. Their involvement ensures close cooperation between the respective group leaders, and the team’s overall progression, budget and wellbeing.

Hardware - Mechanical

The Hardware - Mechanics groups main responsibilities include 3D modeling in CAD, and developing the AUVs physical parts. In addition, they also work on replicating equipment and parts which are used in the RoboSub competition so that the AUVs abilities can be tested, as it will in the competition. Essentially, they combine fluid statics with bright solutions to develop a stable and safe underwater vehicle which will (hopefully) perform to the best of its abilities.

Hardware - Electrical

The Hardware - Electronics group is responsible for all the electronics on the AUV and thereby they work with PCB and circuit design, in addition to choosing the electronical components needed for the AUV to function as desired. They are also in charge for a functioning camera system and developing well-working power supply solution. Last but not least, they also work with signal processing and acoustics.


The software group is responsible for the sensory vision and understanding of the AUV, and ensuring that the AUV performs the right tasks at the right time. Doing this involves taking input from various sensors placed on the drone, and using machine learning and state estimation.


The marketing group is responsible for promoting Vortex NTNU through different channels. Their main goal is to increase the interest in the organization among students and businesses. They are also responsible for events, website and working towards sponsors.