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Manta started its life as a ROV, but was converted to an AUV, when switching from the MATE ROV competition to the RoboSub AUV competition.

Manta started its life in 2018 as a ROV, but in 2019 it was converted to an AUV. This marked a shift of focus for the organization from remote controlled drones to autonomous drones. It also meant that we would not compete in the MATE ROV competition anymore. We would now compete in the RoboSub AUV competition.

Manta was designed with a machined ABS body, making it a compact and sturdy design at the cost of modularity. This proved to be a big constraint when converting the drone to an AUV due to the extra sensors and electronics needed for autonomous operation. The drone got great remarks for its design at RoboSub 2019 in San Diego, but the software still needed work to be able to complete the autonomous tasks. The experiences that were made at the competition paved the way for big improvements before the 2020 competition, but unfortunately the Covid19 pandemic made it impossible to compete physically. In the autumn of 2020, it was decided to let Manta retire from competitions, and rather be converted back to an ROV to be used for testing and learning purposes.

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