The Team

Vortex NTNU consists of 6 different groups, with different areas of expertise and tasks. These are marketing, electrical, mechanical, perception, software and the board. Sometimes when a project requires multi-disciplinal work, team members from different groups are split into taskforces. An example of these are the Camera Taskforce that cooperates in installing the cameras, and making them functional. Below you can read more about the different teams we have here at Vortex NTNU.

The Board

The Board is responsible for coordinating the project and securing a sustainable development of the organization. Their involvement ensures close cooperation between the respective group leaders, and the team’s overall progression, budget and wellbeing.


The Mechanical group is responsible for all parts of design and development of the physical structure of our AUV. Important tasks are 3D modeling, waterproofing, and assembly of the finished hardware system.


The Electrical group is responsible for making sure all parts of the drone is supplied with sufficient amount of power. This includes designing PCBs, making sure connections are water proof, and dimensioning cables. They work tightly with the Mechanical group to make sure all components will fit inside of the drone.


The Perception group’s responsibility is collecting all data needed by the AUV to complete its mission. Important tasks are sensor interfacing, sensor fusion, acoustics, computer vision, object detection, and SLAM.


The Control group is responsible for implementing the control software to the AUV, making it able to solve the tasks presented. This encompasses controllers, state machine, path and mission planning.


The Marketing group is responsible for aquiring sponsors, posting on our social medias, and making Vortex NTNU visible outwards. Creating and maintaning this website is one of the tasks too.

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