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Workshop week

Vortex is back to work after a long Christmas holiday! We kickstarted the new year with a workshop week, as we do every year. During this week we had time to work on many different tasks for a longer period and with intense focus. We ended the week with a kick-off party and are looking forward to a new semester together!

Finally, we received merch, which has been distributed between the members. The marketing members arranged a photoshoot for the whole team for portrait pictures of all the members. These have been uploaded to the website so go check out the members-list and of our pretty faces. We have also been planning future content, activities, and strategies for recruiting. Leader recruiting (and some extra positions) are starting soon, and we are looking forward to expanding our big happy family. Among other things the electrical team has worked on the connectors and the acoustic card. The mechanical group has worked further on the pontoons as you can see on the picture.

The software teams have worked with a lot of different things. In Autonomous they have worked towards solving tasks for the TAC challenge we will attend this summer, for example with valve manipulation. As preparation for Njord they have worked on state machine collision avoidance for the ASV. Perception have worked with tracking, making the sonar work and dockercontainer cv-repository. Embedded have worked on the acoustic card, and programming related to that.


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