Join Vortex Team 2023!

A position in a technical student organization at NTNU is a great way to be involved in a large group of motivated students and maritime robotics companies, including other perks such as access to our workshop, offices, chill lounge and unlimited campus coffee. Our main goal is to develop AUVs and ASVs along with enjoying the student life.    

Wonder where you'd fit in? Take a look at our groups and read about them below :)

  • Marketing

  • Electronics

  • Mechanical

  • Software

Do you have any other skills that you think we could use? Contact us!


As part of the marketing team you are responsible for everything related to how Vortex appears as an organization to everyone else. This includes exciting tasks like managing sponsor contacts, social media profiles, design cool marine concepts, create graphical art and enhancing this very website!


The electronics group is responsible the power distribution, wiring and communication buses in our drones. And waterproofing of course!


As part of the electronics team you will either design PCBs, utilize waterproof connections to enable power distribution and communication across different modules, and be responsible for embedded systems design. In addition, you will learn how to solder and be responsible for putting together PCBs once they have been designed.


Every physical structure in our drones is the result of the excellent work by our mechanical team! If you are hands-on and wish to contribute to our drones in a very physical way this might be for you.

As a member of the mechanical team you will be responsible for all physical structures in our drones. This includes the entire process from concept design to prototyping and assembly of the final product. To do this you will be 3D-modelling, waterproofing, 3D-printing and machining, as well as assembling the individual pieces to a finished drone.


The Vortex software stack is the result of many years of software development, and we are looking for new members eager to contribute to this!

As a software member, you will have many paths to choose from, all with a variety of tasks. This includes control systems design, SLAM, computer vision and object detection, embedded software design, and underwater acoustic communication.

You will learn how to use the Robot Operating System with Python and C++ to develop code for a highly advanced and robust platform, and how to test, deploy and verify your code as part of a software team!